Solaris Online TRaining

Solaris Course Content

Unix Basics

Booting Process

System Concepts



User administration

Security Administration

Startup and Shutdown Procedures(Run levels)

Solaris Management Facility(SMF)

Backup& Restore

Configuration of SCSI DAT TAPE DRIVES

Package Administration

Patch Administration

Introduction to CRASHDUMP and CORE files

Introduction to TCP WRAPPER

Volume Management

Schedule jobs

Configuration of Temparary filesystem(temp fs)

Swap Management(virtual memory)

process Control

Solaris Sys logic

Performance Tuning and Monitoring

Introduction to Networking

Networking Tools

Networking file system / Distributed file system(NFS)

Configuration of FTP Server and Clients

Printer Management

Solaris Management Console (SMC)

Web Admin

Configuration of SAMBA SWAT

Primary DNS Server

Secondary DNS Server

Send Mail Server


Apache Web Server


Implementation of RAID Levels


Network Information Services (NIS)

Solaris Volume Manager

Zones Configuration

Cluster Configuration

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"The Solaris training was good, I am also looking forward to take more trainings from Mentors Inn on other technologies as and when required for me." - Masloski (Solaris 10 Administration)