PHALCON online training

PHALCON course content

    Installing Phalcon

    Setting up a Phalcon project

    Handling exceptions and autoloaders in bootstrap file

    Introducing Model View Controller (MVC)

    Creating Database

    Creating a model

    Creating controller

    CRUD scaffholding in Phalcon

    Examining Post controllers such as create, search, index, new, edit, save, delete, show

    Examining Post views

    Handling Data in Phalcon

    Creating Database Tables

    Generating Models

    Managing Sessions in Phalcon

    Using PHQL

    Switching and migrating databases In phalcon

    Using phalcon features

    Hashing passwords in Phalcon

    Using view helpers and view partials

    Setting cookies

    Controlling user access

    Caching data in application

    Using Phalcon’s event manager

    Routing application requests

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"The training was pretty good, and though I was the only one in the online session the class was very much interactive, it was a very good experience, and I am also looking forward to take more trainings from Mentors Inn on other technologies as and when required for me." - Srikanth (PHP)