Oracle clinical online training

oracle clinical course content

  • oracle clinical fundamentals

  • Clinical Study Protocol Definition and Management
  • Definition of Metadata collected during a Clinical Study
  • Creation of Data Entry System
  • Creation of Data Management System to clean and reconcile Data
  • Validation Procedures
  • Data Loading and Extracting
  • Thesaurus Management System for Coding Medical Terms
  • Laboratory Reference Range Management System
  • oracle clinical advance

  • PL/SQL Fundamentals
  • Understanding OC Data Models
  • Graphic Layout
  • Lab Ranges
  • Validation and Derivation
  • Test Mode
  • oracle clinical administrator

  • Security
  • Enrolling Users
  • Configuring Data Management Utilities
  • Managing Data Entry and User Preferences
  • Managing Batch Jobs
  • Global Library Administration
  • Enabling Replication
  • Partitioning and Indexing
  • Utilities
  • Data Extract Tables
  • File Viewing
  • Disconnected Replication
  • Distributed Study Conduct
  • Reference Codelists
  • Discrepancy Management Administration
  • Administering RDC in Oracle Clinical
  • RDC Administration Tasks
  • Managing the Activity List
  • RDC Administration GUI Reference
  • User Management

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"The Oracle Clinical training was good, I am also looking forward to take more trainings from Mentors Inn on other technologies as and when required for me." - Masloski (Clinical)