Oracle Apps DBA online Training

OracleApps DBA 11i and R12 Course Content

  • PRE Requisites: Knowledge of Oracle Database Administration

    Architecture & Configuration

  • Oracle Applications Architecture
  • Oracle Applications Components
  • Applications Environment Files, Control Scripts, and Languages
  • Oracle Applications File System
  • Oracle Applications Database
  • Preparing for Installation
  • Single Node Installation of 11i
  • Multi Node Installation of R12
  • Advanced Configuration Options
  • Finishing the Installation
  • AD Utilities

  • Startup and Shutdown of Application Services in 11i and R12
  • Front End Access , Resolve Browser Problems
  • Status Checks to Ensure that Oracle Applications Services are fine
  • Oracle Applications Configuration Files
  • Component wise configuration files
  • AD Utilities
  • AD Administration: Maintain Applications and Database
  • Autoconfig
  • Adident
  • Adsplice
  • Manager
  • Utilities
  • Checking Oracle Applications and Product Versions
  • Oracle Applications AD and FND Tables
  • Patching ,Worker Administration and Cloning

  • Patching and the AutoPatch Process
  • Analyzing Patch Pre Requisites
  • Running AutoPatch
  • AutoPatch Modes & Testing
  • Patching Options , Hot patch , Defaults file
  • Post Patching
  • Patching for a Shared APPL_TOP
  • Admrgpch to merge Patches
  • Adctrl to control Workers
  • Troubleshooting Commonly Encountered Patching Issues
  • Cloning Oracle Applications using Rapid Clone
  • Cloning using Hot Backup and Cold Backup
  • Users,Profiles,Responsibilities, Concurrent Managers and Requests

  • Post Clone Configuration
  • Debugging each component of Oracle Applications
  • Oracle Applications Users, Profiles and Responsibilities
  • Creating Oracle Application Users , Assigning Responsibilities
  • Important Profile Options and resetting Profile Options
  • Resetting Password for Oracle Applications Users
  • Resetting Apps Password
  • Users , profiles , responsibilities Tables and Scripts
  • Defining Concurrent Programs and Managers
  • Types of Concurrent Managers
  • Scheduling & Debugging of Concurrent Requests
  • CM Administration
  • Concurrent Manager & Concurrent Requests Tables and Scripts
  • Generating a trace for a Concurrent Request
  • Common Problems and Troubleshooting Scenarios
  • Concurrent Requests for Daily Maintenance of Applications and Workflow
  • Backend Tables in Oracle Applications
  • OAM , Workflow and Troubleshooting

  • Oracle Application Manager
  • Workflow Notification Mailer Configuration
  • Management of Workflow Services and Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging of Apache Problems
  • Troubleshooting Forms Performance Problems
  • Troubleshooting Slow Running Concurrent Requests
  • Generating an FRD Trace for Form Error Diagnosis
  • Troubleshooting and Load Balancing of JVMs
  • Introduction to DMZ
  • Introduction to PCP

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