LINQ online training

LINQ course content

    C# Language Extension3.5 (Prerequisite)

  • Type Inference
  • Object Initializers
  • Anonymous Types
  • Extension Methods
  • Partial Methods
  • LINQ Architecture

  • Understanding the LINQ Framework
  • LINQ Provider
    • LINQ to Object
    • LINQ to SQL
    • LINQ to Dataset
    • LINQ to XML

    LINQ to Object

  • IEnumerable and IQueryable interface
  • System.LINQ namespace
  • Query Expressions
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Using Custom Class Collection
  • LINQ to SQL

  • Defining the Data Model class
  • Using Mapping attributes
  • Using the Data Context class
  • Defining Relationships using Associations
  • Creating a customized Data Context class
  • LINQ to SQL Designer(DBML File)
  • Performing Add/Edit/Delete/View Operations
  • Tracking changes to entities
  • Submitting changes
  • Concurrency error handling issues
  • Join Query
  • Validating Entities
  • Transaction Handling
  • Executing Stored Procedure
  • LINQ to SQL architecture
  • LINQ to XML

  • Understanding the LINQ to XML Class hierarchy
  • Create an XML document
  • Loading existing XML document
  • Querying XML using LINQ to XML
  • Manipulating XML
    • Adding nodes
    • Modifying nodes
    • Deleting nodes

    LINQ to Dataset

  • Querying Datasets
  • Querying typed Datasets
  • Using LINQ over Dataset with Table Adapter

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