Laravel online training

Laravel course content

    Getting started with laravel 4

    Laravel 4 MVC

    Laravel 4 routing

    Installing Composer and command line tool

    Blade essentials

    Resource controllers

    Laravel 4 Route groups and Filters

    Working with database

    Eloquent CRUD

    Laravel 4 query builder

    Eloquent relations

    Laravel 4 Migrations

    Laravel 4 Database seeding

    Forms and validations

    Setting up laravel form

    Validating a form

    Creating Admin Post Resource

    Creating a front end

    Setting up the blog

    Securing the admin panel

    Handling Routing

    Establishing an HTML view

    Creating tables with schema Builder

    Enabling version control with migrations

    Querying with eloquent ORM

    Displaying Laravel code

    Working with Blade templating

    Defining conditions

    Integrating form elements

    Setting up authentication

    Creating a registration form

    Securing content

    Testing Laravel code

    Setting up PHPUnit

    Running a intial test

    Handling framework assertions

    Building a Laravel application

    Authenticating users in laravel application

    Deploying Laravel code in application

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"The training was pretty good, and though I was the only one in the online session the class was very much interactive, it was a very good experience, and I am also looking forward to take more trainings from Mentors Inn on other technologies as and when required for me." - Srikanth (PHP)