JMETER online training

Jmeter course content

  • Introduction

  • History
  • The Future
  • What is JMETER
  • Advantages and Disadvantage
  • Limitation
  • Getting Started

    • Requirements

    • Java Version
    • Operating Systems
    • Optional

    • Java Compiler
    • JDBC Driver
    • Apache SOAP
    • Installation

    • Downloading the Latest Release
    • Running JMeter

    • JMeter's Class path
    • Using a Proxy Server
    • Configuring JMeter

    Building a Test Plan

  • Adding and Removing Elements
  • Loading and Saving Elements
  • Configuring Tree Elements
  • Saving the Test Plan
  • Running a Test Plan
  • Error reporting
  • Elements of a Test Plan

  • Thread Group
  • Controllers
  • Listeners
  • Timers
  • Assertions
  • Configuration Elements
  • Pre-Processor Elements
  • Post-Processor Elements
  • Execution order
  • Scoping Rules
  • Properties and Variables
  • Using Variables to parameterise tests
  • Building a Web Test Plan

  • Adding Users
  • Adding Default HTTP Request Properties
  • Adding Cookie Support
  • Adding HTTP Requests
  • Adding a Listener to View/Store the Test Results
  • Logging in to a web-site
  • Building a Database Test Plan

  • Adding Users
  • Adding JDBC Requests
  • Adding a Listener to View/Store the Test Results
  • Building a Webservice Test Plan

    Building a JMS Point to point Test Plan

    Building a JMS topic Test Plan

    Building a Monitor Test Plan


    Remote Testing

    Best Practices

  • Limit the Number of Threads
  • Where to Put the Cookie Manager
  • Where to Put the Authorization Manager
  • Using the Proxy Server to record test scripts
  • User variables
  • Reducing resource requirements
  • Parameterising tests
  • Functions

    Regular Expressions

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