Oracle Epm Online training

Oracle Enterprise EPM Core Technical Accelerated

  • Describing the EPM solution

  • ETL process in EPM
  • Operational Warehouse - Staging
  • Operational Warehouse - Enriched
  • Multidimensional Warehouse
  • PeopleSoft EPM Warehouses and Reporting
  • PeopleSoft EPM Analytical Applications
  • Finding information about EPM in PeopleBooks

    ETL Overview

  • Describing IBM WebSphere DataStage Server and Client Components
  • Describing IBM WebSphere DataStage Terminology
  • Describing DataStage Administrator, Designer, and Director
  • Describing Other DataStage Components
  • Describing ETL Load Strategies in EPM
  • Describing Error Handling in ETL Jobs
  • Loading Source Data into Operational Warehouse - Staging (OWS) Tables

    Using DataStage Administrator

    Using DataStage Designer

  • Describing DataStage Designer
  • Managing Repository Objects
  • Analyzing Repository Object Usage
  • Importing and Exporting Repository Components
  • Working with Table Definitions
  • Building DataStage Jobs
  • Compiling and Running Jobs
  • Editing Job Properties

    Using DataStage Director

    Describing EPM Business Rules Setup

  • Describing EPM Business Rule Setup
  • Defining EPM Sources
  • Defining Country and State Data
  • Accounting Calendars Setup
  • Unit of Measure Setup
  • Describing Multi-Currency Setup and Currency Conversion Rules
  • Defining Dimensions

    Defining Warehouse Business Units

  • Describing Warehouse Business Units
  • Creating Warehouse Business Units

    Resolving Dimension Collisions

  • Using the Business Unit Creation Wizard
  • Defining Collision Maps

    Working with Trees

  • Describing PeopleSoft Trees
  • Describing Tree Utilities

    Working with Metadata for the OWE and Analytical Applications

  • Describing Metadata for the EPM Analytical Applications
  • Defining Record Metadata
  • Defining TableMap Metadata
  • Defining DataMap Metadata
  • Defining Filters, Constraints, and Expressions
  • Defining Metadata for the Profit Manager Tool
  • Defining Rule Metadata for Models

    Working with Models and Scenarios

  • Describing Models and Scenarios
  • Describing How Models Are Used in EPM Applications
  • Defining Models and Scenarios

    Working with Jobstreams

  • Describing Jobstreams
  • Defining and Running Jobstreams

    Using Data Enrichment Tools

  • Describing Allocation Manager
  • Setting Up Allocation Manager Rules
  • Setting Up Allocation Manager Rule Sets
  • Defining Fixed Dimensions
  • Running Allocation Manager

    Using Data Mapper

  • Describing Data Mapper
  • Defining Data Mapper Rule Sets
  • Defining Data Mapper Rule Groups
  • Defining Data Mapper Values

    Using EPM Security

  • Describing EPM Security
  • Understanding EPM Security
  • Setting Up Security by User
  • Setting Up Security by Role
  • Setting Up Metric-Level Security
  • Using Security APIs
  • Using LDAP Security Data

    Loading the Multidimensional Warehouse, EPM Warehouses, and Reporting

  • Loading Data Into the MDW
  • Describing the EPM Warehouses
  • Using Oracle OBIEE to Report on Data Stored in EPM Warehouses

    Using ETL-Based Tree Processing for the Multidimensional Warehouse

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