Ember.js online training

Ember.js Course Content


    Brief review of advanced JavaScript topics

  • Scopen
  • Contextn
  • Closuresn
  • Prototypal and Pseudoclassical Inheritancen
  • MVC Architecture in the client

  • Where did it come from?n
  • How does it related to JavaScript?n
  • How does it related to other MVC tools?n
  • Modelsn
  • Viewsn
  • Controllersn
  • Integration (event flow)n
  • About Ember

  • URLs and routingn
  • Getting startedn
  • Naming conventions

  • Code generation
  • Overview

  • Ember infrastructure: classes and observersn
  • Ember Modelsn
  • Ember Controllersn
  • Handlebars Templatesn
  • Ember Viewsn
  • Actionsn
  • Application flow and design

    Deeper dive

  • Routing, states, and modelsn
  • Working with routesn
  • Working with controllersn
  • Communicating with the server

  • Ember datan
  • Alternatives to ember datan
  • Build and deploy

  • A toolchain and workflow for complex JavaScript appsn
  • Testing Embern
  • Miscellaneous Helpful Tools for Ember

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"The "Ember.js" training was pretty good, and though I was the only one in the online session the class was very much interactive, it was a very good experience, and I am also looking forward to take more trainings from Mentors Inn on other technologies as and when required for me."

- Sunil (Ember.js)