Database testing online training in Hyderabad

Database testing course content

  • Database Testing Concepts Primer

  • The Database Component: What is a Database Application?
  • Testing at the Database layer
  • Why should Test professionals know DB Basics?
  • The DB component: What is a Data-Based Application?
  • Back end vs. Front End Testing
  • Examining the data's round trip through the app
  • Common problems in Relational Databases that affect the Database Application
  • Testing the Application vs. Testing the DBMS
  • Knowledge Requirements for Database Testing
  • Test Plan: Organizing your approach
  • Data must pass Quality Assurance too!
  • Test Set up
  • Relational Database Basics for Testing

  • Why should Test professionals know Relational DB basics?
  • What's a relational database?
  • Types of Data Integrity
  • Lack of data integrity introduces bugs
  • Identifying Design Defects
  • Inspecting table structures to reveal design problems
  • Exploratory Testing: Reading an ERD
  • Table Relationships: 1-1, 1-many, many-to-many
  • What to look for when Testing Relational Databases
  • Data Normalization Bugs

  • What bugs are caused by improperly normalized databases
  • Understanding Normalization: First, 2nd and 3rd Normal Form
  • Understanding Denormalization
  • Identifying poor design; developing Test cases
  • Introduction to SQL

  • Why should Test professionals know Structured Query Language?
  • SQL essentials
  • Basic SQL statements for Testing

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