• The Ibm Cognos Solution
  • Financial Performance Management
  • What Is Olap
  • Olap Vs. Oltp (Relational)
  • Dimensional Analysis Example
  • Examine Olap Data Structures
  • Tm1 Olap Solution
  • Use Different Tm1 User Interfaces
  • Examine Tm1 Users
  • Examine Tm1 Technology
  • Installation And Configuration Of Tm1
  • Important Files In Tm1
  • Create A New Tm1 Server
  • Create An Application In Tm1
  • Create Dimensions

  • Objectives
  • What Is A Dimension
  • What Is An Element?
  • Using Weights With Elements
  • Using Attributes
  • Create Dimensions
  • Manually
  • Modify Existing Dimensions
  • What Is Turbo Integrator
  • Create A Dimension Using Turbo Integrator
  • Build Cubes And Views

  • Objectives
  • Store Data In Cubes
  • Build Cube
  • Consider Dimension Order
  • Name The Cube
  • Create A View
  • Load And Maintain Data

  • Objectives
  • Determine The Data Source
  • Review The Data Structure
  • Load Data With Turbo Integrator
  • Import Data From An Ascii File
  • Using Formulas In Variables
  • Import Data From An Odbc Source
  • Use Turbo Integrator To Maintain The Model
  • Clear Data Froma Cube Using A Process
  • Add Business Rules

  • Add Business Logic
  • Create A Rule
  • Use A Function In A Rule
  • Optimize Your Rules
  • Using Feeder Statements
  • Add Skipcheck And Feeders
  • Automate Common Processes Using Scripts

  • Review Scripting With Turbo Integrator
  • Benefits Of Custom Scripts
  • Use Tm1 As A Data Source
  • Integrator
  • Use Chores With Turbo Integrator
  • Customize Drill Paths

  • View Related Data
  • Create A Drill Path
  • Create A Drill-Through Path To A View In Another Cube
  • Create A Drill Path To An Odbc Source
  • Using Rules For Advanced Modeling

  • Discuss Virtual Cubes
  • List Uses For Lookup Cubes
  • Create And Use A Spread Profile Cube
  • Implement Moving Balances In A Cube
  • Convert Currencies

  • Discuss Currency Challenges
  • Create Currency Dimension
  • Create Currency Cube
  • Create Rules For Currency Conversion
  • Model For Different Fiscal Requirements

  • Discuss Time Considerations
  • Use Discrete Time Dimensions
  • Implement A Continuous Time Dimension Model
  • Present Data And Reports

  • Objectives
  • Organize Content In A Tm1 Application
  • Using Application Folders:
  • Add Tm1 Objects And External Files To An Application
  • Build Worksheets With Action Buttons
  • Add An Action Button To A Worksheet
  • Use Worksheet Controls To Present Data
  • Use Controls For Data Validation
  • Use Toolbars To Add Controls
  • Add A Data Validation Control To A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • Format Reports
  • Change The Formatting On A Report And Create A Custom Menu
  • Replicate And Synchronize Servers

  • Replicate A Tm1 Cube
  • Remove Replications
  • Synchronize Replications
  • Examine The Admin Server Log

    Examine The Transaction Log

    Examine The Server Message Log

    Backup And Recover Applications

    Define Workflow

  • Configure Tm1 For Workflow
  • Review Tm1 Security
  • Add Users And Groups To Tm1 Security
  • Install Workflow
  • Create A Workflow Process
  • Integrate With Ibm Cognos 8 Bi

  • Benefits Of Ibm Cognos 8 Integration
  • Integrate Ibm Cognos Tm1 With Ibm Cognos 8 Bi
  • Create A Portlet With Tm1 Web

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